Actress, Mia Mills, on the role of ‘Alice’

We hear from actress, Mia Mills, who played ‘Alice’ in Do Something, Jake

Mia Mills. Photo by Sian Morgan Photography
Sian Morgan Photography

“When I first read a snippet of the screenplay I knew I’d got to be part of ‘Do Something, Jake’, so going to the first audition was nerve-wracking to say the least! The team at Raya Films were so supportive and constructive that it just made me all the more excited about the film.

“At the second audition, I met Jamie (‘Jake’), Simon (‘Slim’), and Tom (‘Guy’) and it just clicked straight away. As intimidating as I thought it might be initially, everyone made it so easy and I forgot that it was even an audition. I just enjoyed creating scenes with three amazingly-talented actors – a rare and lovely experience to have.

“Alice has quite a tough time of it! She’s a really sweet girl inadvertently caught up in a very dangerous situation, and unaware that things are starting to fall apart around her. I don’t want to say too much … but by the end of the film, you watch her start to find her voice again and gain back some control of her life. Some of the scenes were very intense to shoot, particularly the fight scenes, but Kevin Smith, who coordinated the stunts, was fantastic and I can’t wait to see them on the screen.

Photo © Mike Mafrici
Photo © Mike Mafrici

“I loved working with Jamie – seeing what he bought to the character of Jake really made me ‘up’ my game. Ed Bergtold (Morten) was also amazing, watching him work is like a masterclass in acting! The crew were brilliant as well – even when I wasn’t in the scene I was learning watching them all work.

“I enjoyed every moment of filming Do Something, Jake and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. It was genuinely the first time I’ve ever been excited about being up before 7 am!”

Mia Mills – ‘Alice’

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