Actor, Jamie Alderson, on the role of ‘Jake’

We hear from actor, Jamie Alderson, who played ‘Jake’ in Do Something, Jake

Photo © David Ward
Photo © David Ward

“I met James Smith at Raya Films when I auditioned for a music video. I wasn’t the right age for this, but we kept in contact as we felt it would be great to work together on something else. Fast forward a year, and they asked me to audition for a part in their feature film ‘The Finca’* but, again, I was pipped to the post. Third time lucky, they approached me with the outline for their new project Do Something, Jake I vividly remember the excitement I had first reading the script. I simply couldn’t put it down. I read the whole thing straight through, and then right through all over again. I called James and begged him to let me have a shot at the part of ‘Jake’ – such an interesting character to play, as he is a man of few words and apparently calm and calculated, but there is a frustration and a focussed determination beneath the surface,which I hope I managed to portray in a subtle way.

Photo © Mike Mafrici
Photo © Mike Mafrici

“The role of Jake relied a lot on physicality, emotion, and thought processes largely portrayed through the body and eyes. This for me took a lot of preparation and research into his particular character. I found Jake to be a character with certain traits within the autism spectrum, particularly Asperger’s. This was an area I studied during preparation of the role, and I was graciously invited as a guest to various Asperger’s group meetings prior to shooting. Until Jake, I hadn’t had the pleasure to portray such complex a character, and I hope I have done him justice.

“The experience working on Do Something, Jake was a memorable a one for me – the tight budget and schedule in many varied locations was both exciting and a huge learning curve. I was lucky enough to work with a greatly-talented cast and crew whose professionalism and focus was highly refreshing. I hope to work with the cast, crew, and Raya Films again in the future.”

Jamie Alderson – ‘Jake’

*’The Finca’ is back in development with an updated screenplay.

Were you a cast or crew member, or an extra involved in ‘Do Something, Jake’ or ‘A Real Peach’? Contact us to share your story on here!

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