Crew member, Emily Jackman, on being a runner

We hear from runner, Emily Jackman (who is also an actress), on being a crew member on Do Something, Jake

emily-jackman-001“Being a runner on ‘Do Something, Jake’ was a highly enjoyable and collaborative experience. I am also an actor, used to observing those who work behind the camera, and so when the opportunity arose to work amongst the production team, I couldn’t miss out on it! Working alongside such passionate, creative and motivated people was an invaluable experience and made me realise how these key ingredients can produce something exciting and successful. The innovative and varied use of locations makes this film visually impressive, and the complex thought that has gone into this film is evident. I have taken a lot of what I learnt on set away with me, particularly direction from James Smith (writer and director) and Caroline Spence (screenwriter and producer), whom I have to particularly thank in making my time on Do Something, Jake as a runner so rewarding.

“A gripping piece with an engrossing story-line you don’t want to miss!”

Emily Jackman – Runner

Were you a cast or crew member, or an extra involved in ‘Do Something, Jake’ or ‘A Real Peach’? Contact us to share your story on here!

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