Actor, John Savage, on the role of ‘Delivery Guy’

We hear from actor, John Savage, who played the ‘Delivery Guy’ in Do Something, Jake

j-1837-colour-web-readyDo Something, Jake is a unique and exciting film; I consider myself very privileged to be a part of it. I knew from the first time that I auditioned for Raya Films there was something special about the production. Caroline Spence had crafted a wonderful script, which has an almost Pinteresque blend of comedy, threat and menace, with a thrilling plot and complex, grounded characters; and there was a fire in James Smith’s eyes, which I knew wasn’t just down to his coffee being too hot!

“My first audition was a real challenge as I nearly psyched myself out as I wanted the job so much. It’s like when there’s a someone you really fancy and you end up trying a bit too hard to impress them!

“I initially auditioned for ‘Guy’, but after seeing Tom Loone in action, I’m so glad that he got the role, he’s amazing! I was fortunate enough to be cast as the ‘Delivery Guy’, who is a friend of the main character: Jake; I learnt so much collaborating with Jamie Alderson, whose portrayal of Jake is a fascinating synergy of innocence, vulnerability and steely determination.

“I wish I could write something about each of the cast and crew because the talent, dedication and professionalism of everyone was second to none. Being involved in Do Something, Jake was an amazing experience for me; I know I’m a better actor for it. I can’t wait to see the finished film!”

John Savage – ‘Delivery Guy’

Were you a cast or crew member, or an extra involved in ‘Do Something, Jake’ or ‘A Real Peach’? Contact us to share your story on here!

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