Actor, Tom Loone, on the role of ‘Guy’

We hear from actor, Tom Loone, who played ‘Guy’ in Do Something, Jake

“Where do I even begin?

Photo © David Ward

“I could start with the audition, and talk about how the second I got in that room with Simon Crudgington and Mia Mills (both amazing) and started rehearsing, things just clicked. I could talk about how I’d get up at 4 a.m. every morning after sleeping on my friend’s floor, tired, but bursting with excitement to film. But instead, I’ll hone in on one scene in particular:

“It had been a long day, and we were all tired, how couldn’t we be? Up at the crack of dawn everyday, wrapping late at night. It was the last scene of the day, and without revealing too much, it was one where my character and Simon’s were up to no good. We were in the middle of trying to manhandle a certain unconscious character, and we had reached a point in Caroline Spence‘s (amazing) script that gave us the opportunity to improvise. We tried a few things – a line here, a quip there – until finally, Simon came out with something so hilarious, so gut busting, that the whole crew and cast (unconscious character included) burst into a roar of laughter.

Simon Crudgington (left) and Tom Loone. Photo © Mike Mafrici

It must have been ten minutes before we settled down and started rolling again – even after that, we only managed one more take before we had to cut because we were laughing so hard. I guess for me, that summed up the whole experience of shooting ‘Jake’ – it was a blast.

“When it’s released, I’m sure you’ll see that this film is crazy, unpredictable, hilarious, and dark when it needs to be – it’s hell of a ride. These guys really were amazing and it was a pleasure to work with each and every one of them. I think everybody should get excited for this one – James Smith (director) will take you to places that you’ll never see coming.

Mia Mills and Tom Loone. Photo © Mike Mafrici

“All I know is this: when I was standing with Simon, with my long hair and leather jacket, hands trying to grapple the unnamed Victim, with the crew huddled round in that plush apartment block, laughing our heads off at Si’s genius line, I knew we were on to something special.

Tom Loone – ‘Guy’

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Crew member, Joe Langham, on being a Production Manager

We hear from production manager, Joe Langham, on being a crew member on Do Something, Jake

“It was great to work on Do Something, Jake. Despite having produced several short films, worked on music videos, and helped out on a few shoots for a feature by Nottingham-based, Coalescent Films, ‘DSJ’ was the first feature-length film I had worked on throughout its entirety.

Joe Langham on set (far right) with Josh Penlington, Jonathan Hawes, and Nick Williams. Photo © Mike Mafrici
Joe Langham on set (far right), and then Josh Penlington, Jonathan Hawes, Nick Williams, and Nathan Ifill. Photo © Mike Mafrici

“Production Managing a set can be a demanding job regardless of production size, but the cast and crew made it a joy whether that was through their punctuality, turning up in their correct outfits ready to shoot, or making long days fun with their jokes and laughter. The mix of people on set from professionals and those newer to film-making made it all the more special, as we could all learn from one another, regardless of role.

“I’ve worked on smaller projects with larger cast and crews, so for a small team to have created a feature-length film in such a small time is an achievement in itself.

“I look forward to seeing the final product, especially for my outstanding, show-stealing cameo as a job seeker!”

Joe Langham – Production Manager

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Actor, Ed Bergtold, on the role of ‘Morten’

We hear from actor, Ed Bergtold, who played ‘Morten’ in Do Something, Jake

“When you are a New York City actor, one of your goals is to become Bi-Coastal. Meaning you work both in New York City as well as Los Angeles. However, when the opportunity arose to skip that step and become a Trans-Atlantic Actor, I jumped at it.

Actor, Ed Bergtold as 'Morten'
Actor, Ed Bergtold as ‘Morten’

“I first came into contact with Raya Films when they were casting VoIP, which was to be shot here in New York City. I auditioned via ‘tape’ (self-recorded video) and won the part. Not only that, but I was offered an even larger part in that project. However, that film was put on hold for the time being. But I stayed in touch. Which is a very important aspect of being an actor. Keep your contacts updated!

“A year or so later, I asked if they were working on anything over in the UK that they thought I would be right for. Sure enough there was, in the role of Morten in Do Something, Jake!

“Morten is the film’s antagonist, something I have become accustomed to playing. Bad Guys are a lot more fun! I grew up in Hackensack, NJ right in the area where the HBO series The Sopranos used to film (and was set in Bergen County, NJ), so this type of character was like second nature. I didn’t really have to dig to deep because I kind of grew up around it, the lingo, the swagger etc.

“Director, James Smith, and myself were also in agreement that Morten didn’t have to be a loud and obnoxious jerk to be brutal and threatening. So I tried to always put on a smile when the character was laying down the law. I also find it more intimidating when the Villain is quiet, collected, smooth, and even sometimes funny.

From the left: Simon Crudgington, Ed Bergtold, Tom Loone. Photo © Mike Mafrici

“My stay in England was very enjoyable, but even though Americans and The British speak the same language, there is always something lost in translation. For instance, one day on set, James said “Rock Solid, Ed” after a take, and I responded “Thanks!” and everyone looked at me like I was nuts!

“You see in the U.S. the phrase ‘Rock Solid’ means: Job well done, awesome, great! … I didn’t realize at the time it meant to stand perfectly still while we focus the camera.

“Another one, (and this is my favorite), “Taking the piss”. In the UK it means: to tell a Joke. In the U.S. it means to use the restroom. So if you are at a pub with your mates and you say, “I have to take a piss”, be prepared to tell more to that story and for it to be funny.

“I very much enjoyed working with all my co-stars who were very committed to their craft, and hope the chance arises again for me to ‘hop the pond’ and come back to work on another project sometime in the not too distant future!”

Ed Bergtold – ‘Morten’

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