Crew member, Joe Langham, on being a Production Manager

We hear from production manager, Joe Langham, on being a crew member on Do Something, Jake

“It was great to work on Do Something, Jake. Despite having produced several short films, worked on music videos, and helped out on a few shoots for a feature by Nottingham-based, Coalescent Films, ‘DSJ’ was the first feature-length film I had worked on throughout its entirety.

Joe Langham on set (far right) with Josh Penlington, Jonathan Hawes, and Nick Williams. Photo © Mike Mafrici
Joe Langham on set (far right), and then Josh Penlington, Jonathan Hawes, Nick Williams, and Nathan Ifill. Photo © Mike Mafrici

“Production Managing a set can be a demanding job regardless of production size, but the cast and crew made it a joy whether that was through their punctuality, turning up in their correct outfits ready to shoot, or making long days fun with their jokes and laughter. The mix of people on set from professionals and those newer to film-making made it all the more special, as we could all learn from one another, regardless of role.

“I’ve worked on smaller projects with larger cast and crews, so for a small team to have created a feature-length film in such a small time is an achievement in itself.

“I look forward to seeing the final product, especially for my outstanding, show-stealing cameo as a job seeker!”

Joe Langham – Production Manager

Were you a cast or crew member, or an extra involved in ‘Do Something, Jake’ or ‘A Real Peach’? Contact us to share your story on here!

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