Crew member, Rachel Goodger, on being a make-up artist

We hear from make-up artist, Rachel Goodger (who also helped as a runner), on being a crew member on Do Something, Jake

Photo © James Smith

“I loved every minute of filming Do Something, Jake, down to working with a great cast and crew, and visiting some amazing locations including apartments filled with ‘I must have these weird and wonderful things.’ Not all of the locations were glamorous though – there were dark and cold warehouses where we exchanged laughter and cringe-worthy innuendos to make the long hours more bearable!

“On set, a great atmosphere was created – something I was able to experience whilst being head of make-up. I was also on hand here and there throughout filming as a runner. The cast and crew were all great fun and lovely to be around, making the whole process so enjoyable – enough cannot be said about them all. I’m so happy and pleased to have been a part of this film, watching Raya Films bring it to life, and putting so much passion and detail into each scene.”

Rachel Goodger – Make-up


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