Campaign Success

What a few weeks! The crowdfunding campaign was launched and got off to an excellent start with people buying perks and donating. We soon reached 50%, but then it slowed as we boarded the aircraft for Cannes to promote this film and others. The amount of social media bashing and effort required was huge, but right up to the end of the campaign, individuals and companies (see Official Sponsors) rallied to secure the World Premiere in Loughborough, September 2018.

This film project has been quite a story, with key people from the outset showing their kind, unrelenting support throughout the battles – we have taken note!

We are in touch with crowdfunding backers about delivery of rewards and perks, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact us

We were lucky enough to meet up with Travel Blogger Maureen who snapped up the much-coveted Tiger Slippers perk pretty much as the site went live!

Big thanks to Maureen who has been a stalwart supporter of the project. She appears in Agent Kelly (voice) and we’re looking forward to working with her on our next film.

While we’re on the subject of Tiger Slippers, it was brought to our attention that Daniel Radcliffe was papped on a film shoot in New Zealand recently. Have a look at the image below… funny guy, tiger slippers, guns… and apparently into gaming. Well, there’s a coincidence!

This is indeed interesting, but whatever the upshot, Jake was first: we had the script and even a trailer long before Radcliffe’s film was even on the radar. Let’s see how it all unfolds 🙂 🙂

So, now we’re working on the DCP. When complete, we will test it in a theatre and send to the BBFC for certification. Details of tickets, events, etc. will be via the e-newsletters and social media.

Mia Mills. Photo by Sian Morgan Photography

Finally, do check out the John and Heidi radio show (USA) featuring Mia Mills (Mia’s #MovieStarMonday  interview kicks in at around 0:14:20). Mia is a great acting talent and has been a massive supporter from the outset, so well worth checking out this insight.

More interviews are to come from this radio show soon – check these out plus interviews with Caroline Spence in Press

Thank you for your support!