Sue Moore – Woman’s Weekly Article

Here’s a transcription of Sue Moore’s Woman’s Weekly feature (30 July 2019) in which she talks about her career and Do Something, Jake. Thanks to Melanie Jones PR for organising this…

‘I’ve been a gun-toting granny and a woman who was possessed’

Determined to stay busy, Sue Moore, 71, from Melton Mowbray, turned to acting. We all have pivotal moments in our lives. For me, this moment was when my husband, Stephen, died in January 2013 – after a debilitating struggle with cancer. At the time, I was 65, and had been working in the Council as a data administrator for almost 35 years.

In the months that followed, I decided to retire to do something outlandishly different: I didn’t want to sit at home moping and feeling raw about Stephen all the time. I wanted to be busy.

In the end, I decided to study Acting. I love the way that the arts can help give people a break from their ordinary lives. After some research, I found Birmingham Theatre School which offers a one-year Acting course. I rang the principal and told him I was 65. ‘So what?’ he replied.

I was the oldest student by far – the rest of the class was aged 18 – 22, but when I started the course in September 2013, I found everyone welcoming – and learnt a few new words I’d never heard before!

During the course, I mucked in; painting sets and heaving props about. We went on a schools tour in Birmingham in early 2014, performing Shakespeare’s Macbeth – and I took on multiple parts: a king, a witch, a doctor and several different servants. It was manic, but I kept up the pace.

Once qualified, I joined professional agencies, determined that this would be a new career. Of course, I’m very fortunate that I have a pension. If I had to earn a living from acting, I’d be sleeping in a tent and eating baked beans!

I was astounded when my very first audition landed me a part in the film Do Something, Jake, where I played a grumpy old woman. The film was released in 2018 and won an award.

Life as an actor is certainly never dull: I’ve been murdered four times; had a heart-attack in the bath; been a gun-toting granny, and an old woman who was possessed!

At my age, the more things I can try, the better I like it.

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