Directed by James Smith, DO SOMETHING, JAKE tells the story of an unemployed introvert, unable to read or write, who draws on brilliant ingenuity when the woman he secretly loves is threatened.

Jake is an introvert, illiterate, and unable to hold down a basic job. Unbeknown to those around him, however, he is intelligent and ingenious – strengths he uses to secretly observe his neighbour, Alice, the woman he loves. But Alice lives with her boyfriend, Guy, a small-time criminal and drug pusher. Events escalate when Jake crosses the line from Alice’s voyeur to direct manipulation of Guy’s illicit dealings. Things come to a head when Alice is assaulted by Guy and his accomplice. After an unconvincing appeal to the Police, Jake decides to rescue Alice in his own ingenious, yet ultimately dangerous, way. Written by Caroline Spence


About the Film

This is a unique feature film bringing slick US-style scripting and dialogue to British film. Shot in sumptuous character locations, Do Something, Jake crosses genres from video games culture to contemporary noir, and crime.

Jamie Alderson and Becki Lloyd © Raya Films

The film mixes the dark fascination of Nightcrawler (Dan Gilroy, 2014) and edgy character study of One Hour Photo (Mark Romanek, 2002), with the drama and atmosphere of Palm d’Or winner, Dheepan (Jacques Audiard, 2015). A good measure of ‘Cohen-esq’ humour, and a villain reminiscent of classic De Niro and Pacino, delivers a highly original movie with international global appeal.


Incredibly, this 110-minute feature film was shot with no budget, in many locations, and with a large international cast. Many producers categorise their films as ‘no budget’, but when you delve deeper, they use this term to describe a low or ultra-low budget film. Let’s be clear: Do Something, Jake was shot with 0% – ZILCH!

Furthermore, with no funds for post-production, we did that as well with enthusiastic professionals lending their time – because they liked the idea, the concept, the uniqueness of this project. And then, we leapt over a final tough hurdle by raising funds for a DCP and BBFC certificate for theatrical screenings via an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the video below and the Indiegogo page to see what we achieved!

After these battles, the WORLD PREMIERE of Do Something, Jake is set for 20th September 2018! Be sure to GET TICKETS which are available for a limited time only! #ComingSoon #DoSomethingJake

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