Bravo folks! This film is so well done! It looks looks good, has good acting and a wonderful story. The humor that is sprinkled in here and there is ideal! I really enjoyed this one!!
Movie Guy [Amazon User Review]

We really enjoyed it, Fabulously quirky, funny and dramatic.
Mac Mcleod

I loved the Jake film. He was so ambiguous I was on the edge of my seat until the brilliant denouement and then what a sweetie he turned out to be…or? Somebody did ask about a sequel! I’m in awe of the casting among so much else, not a wrong note. Fabulous vignettes. You’re a great team. I gather you already have your next project in mind but if you ever want to adapt one of my books I’d be honoured and delighted.
Cassandra Clark, author (Murder at Whitby Abbey)

Just seen premiere of the brilliant Do Something, Jake at the Odeon in Loughborough. Utterly brilliant 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 … an absolutely wonderful film. You’ve done something wonderful with Do Something, Jake.
Sarah Walford

Didn’t know what to expect but was very enjoyable. Thanks to all involved in the production and the staff at the [MMC] centre.
Jo Waddingham

Loved the cinematography and the acting was great.
Stella J (Theatre Director)

Such a pleasure to work with yourself and caroline. It was a fantastic build-up to the night and the tech worked 100% look forward to working with you all again very soon.
Chris Reeves (MMC Venue Manager)

It was a pleasure to host you, and fantastic to see the reception your film had on Thursday. My staff don’t get to enjoy working on a night like that very often, they were all thrilled!
Hanna Joslin, Odeon Cinemas

Laugh out loud moments are threaded throughout this Midlands set thriller with a heart of gold.
Fiona Whitelaw [Dmovies]

Thank you for a great night of entertainment … we had a great evening, it was gripping with plenty of humour and drama, we really enjoyed the film, absolutely Brilliant!
Farrah McNutt

Congratulations to the entire Do Something,Jake cast and crew for your incredible feature film. Out of the seven films I’ve watched at the cinema in the last five weeks, I only enjoyed two: A Simple Favor and Do Something, Jake
Callum Lee Harrison

We had an awesome time … the film was great! With over 250 people attending it was an absolute sell-out, and as you walked into the foyer you were greeted with a rapturous welcome. It felt like I was going to a Marvel showing, it was that busy. An hour and forty minutes and very well paced, ‘Do Something, Jake’ will have you laughing and holding your breath as you sit at the end of your seats in anticipation waiting to see what happens at the end. The film is fun and as the story starts to unravel you root for the hero Jake, played by Jamie Alderson whose love interest Alice played by Mia Mills is torn and trapped in a no-win-situation.
Ed Mahoo

Really enjoyed @DoSomethingJake – great to spot all the locations in #Loughborough & #Quorn – & great to see starring roles for @onesixeightfit & @PeterPizzeria – congratulations to everyone involved after years of hard work … Congratulations to everyone involved after years of hard work.
Nicky Morgan MP

Had a fantastic time this evening at premiere of @DoSomethingJake with @cspenceproducer @jsmithwriter and others. Genuinely impressed by quality of the film. See it if you get the chance.
MJ Simpson

Absolutely Brilliant! … Brilliant film, I cannot wait to see it again.
Paul A H Lynch‎

Lucky enough to be invited to the premiere of @DoSomethingJake tonight. What a fabulous film and a truly inspiring project. A huge well done to everyone involved.
Leon Spence

Congrats on the turn out yesterday well deserved! If that’s the quality of film with a zero budget I’m extremely excited to see what’s to come in the future!
Mike Mafrici

Loved it! I think it has a lot of potential to go a long way being really quite a different sort of film.
Olly Bassi

All I’ve heard are amazing things. Everyone should be so so proud of what you all achieved! I can’t wait to join you all in London ⭐️ Really well done!
Sophie Mort

The film was gripping, with some terrific performances.
Henry Dawe

What a thoroughly enjoyable film. Made me smile from start to finish. … One great film. Loved it sooo much. I realised I was smiling the whole way through. First there was nothing … Then there was an idea and a lot of talent, work and commitment and you created the wonderful film ‘Do Something Jake’. That is something to be very proud of. Seeing you and all those involved on the red carpet was fantastic. I still smile instantly when I think of the parts of the film. So many great scenes. Ed Bergtold at the door with the old lady, just one of many! Can’t wait to see what’s next! ❤️❤️ … This is one of the most entertaining films I have seen in a long time. It goes slowly and subtly then grips you with its characters, story and humour. It is a true gem that I want to see again soon.
Lee Tracy

Just got in from the Do Something, Jake premier and found this gem [A Real Peach] was available online. I time travelled back to the 1940s to capture this great little film directed by James Smith.
Nicky Williams

Fantastic to see local people creating quality low budget movies.
Neal Higham

Was a really great film … start to finish.
Sam North

It’s a really good film with a great storyline.
Deb North

Great interviews [referring to ‘With The Flo’] and a fantastic film and Premiere. My wife and I really enjoyed it.
Taraq Qureshi

Go check out #DoSomethingJake 🖤 A thoroughly entertaining film, well done to all involved 🙌🏽👌🏽🖤
Chanelle Sadie Paul

Such an awesome night. Great to see you all and the film was brilliant … Awesome film and acting … I would recommend everyone, go see that film! It’s a nice progressive storyline, with some interesting characters in it and it brings mental health awareness into a fictional scenario, full of great characters, great story, and that’s what you want from a film.
Paul Manners

Thoroughly enjoyed London Premiere Screening! Left you on the edge of your seats wanting more!
Andrew Alton-Read

Really enjoyed Do Something, Jake last night in London. Well made and Jake acting was superb. I thought the film dragged you in wanting more. It made you intrigued as what was going to come next and played out against a well scripted screenplay.
Kevin Earnest Michael Clark

I just wanted to say the premiere last night was absolutely brilliant and the film is perfect. The directing and writing was so unique and the cast did a beautiful job of portraying characters. Making films with zero budget must be ridiculously complicated, but you somehow made it look easy.
Toby Johnson

This is the best film I’ve seen in ages. A very refreshing change from the litany of manufactured Hollywood tripe. A fantastic cast of incredibly talented, and fresh faces, all of whom deserve to be incredibly successful. The story was very thoughtfully constructed and completely drew me in, Jake was marvellous and had me rooting for him right until the end. Alice, the woman he loves is incredibly sensitively portrayed, while there are startling performances from other supporting roles, especially the grumpy old lady in the neighbouring flat, and the shop girl. This is a film you absolutely, positively have to see. An utter gem.
Amazon User Review [vallancead]

What a brilliant evening last night! Congrats to all cast and crew, for a really unique film, that took expected twists and turns! … I wanted to personally get in touch to congratulate you on the film, as it was great to see something original, funny and a little bit quirky.
Elizabeth Hammond

A fabulous film!
Mango Stone

Amazing Film and SUPERB Premiere!
Lucky Seven Management

I really enjoyed the film… It was an ongoing story that I was fully attached to the whole way through. I loved the music… the repetition of the beat, which brought out the storyline… It was a great film and I loved it.
Channelle Sadie Paul

I really enjoyed the film, when I was watching it I felt the emotion come through… The storyline was strong… It was definitely worth the watch.
Grace J Teal

I absolutely loved the direction. My favourite shot in the entire movie was the one where the camera came up into the three-wheeled car, and you see Jake with this adorable little puppy – I loved that shot, it was unexpected There was another shot… I wasn’t expecting it, the direction was so intense at that moment, I literally jumped out of my chair and screamed,.. The directing was perfect for this movie. It was artistic, you can identify with some of it in terms of locations, the rawness to it as well that I definitely think a lot of movie-goers could relate to. I enjoyed it – I want to see more support for indie movies – we need more support in Britain.
Gillian McKeith

The film’s actually quite good… it’s funny, but there’s a serious storyline at the end of it… It’s actually really good – I didn’t know what to expect… but fair play to the director, he absolutely smashed it with that one.
Jackson Kneeshaw

That was such a good film and Jamie Alderson I thought was amazing… The way he acted every scene was so on-point, I found it so exciting to watch him all the time. I found it really intriguing as well… I want to know how he got into that character, because… I would not be able to do that. It was a really good film, I really enjoyed it. I actually want to see it again…
Kiran Schevlik

I thought the film was really good… It was quite funny… It keeps you in suspense.
Shanice Skyee

I thought the film was very good… It took me a while to get into it at first, but as the film started to unravel, with the plot, I thought it was executed very cleverly,.. The film was very clever in how it was done.
Dean Overson

I was really impressed with the film. I’ve never been to a film premiere like this before, where it’s an independent British film, so I was a bit dubious about what it was going to be like and… I was honestly surprised. It was like an average Joe nobody, becomes somebody… and there was a really good twist towards the end, so I was really impressed with it.
Sean Pratt

I really loved the film, I loved that it was an independent film, which I feel like we need to support more independent films, especially British independent films. I also loved the humour behind it, it was like a slow humour, which I really appreciated, and it made me giggle in so many parts. I loved it, and I’d probably give it a 9 out of 10.
April Banbury

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